Our Mission

Our Mantra is To enable people and institutions to succeed in their meaningful purpose.

The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose is the hub of meaningful purpose psychology or logoteleology research and development, and of Second Wave Organization Development or OD 2.0.

Since the late 1970s we recognized that competence building was insufficient to:

  • generate robust business results
  • create meaningful and productive work cultures to sustain growth
  • increase the organizations ability to adapt to market conditions
  • build healthy communities and societies.

The competence hype contrasts against the current reality of high employee disengagement and high mistrust in corporations and government. We believe that competence building has to be complemented with meaning building. We are unique in that we fill that gap by approaching life and work with the understanding that virtuous intentions, ethical standards and professional competencies are equally important to meet profit expectations.

Contrary to existing practices and beliefs, we promote the proposition that organizations exist to serve humans and not the other way around. We also believe that winning organizations serve all stakeholders equitably, not just a few. We believe that a people-first approach is indispensable for long-term prosperity. In short, people building is business building.

We also affirm that there are solutions to stubborn organizational problems.  However, as macro-indicators suggest, there are forces that prevent their implementation from taking hold. Our specialty is to help our clients discover, confront and overcome those restraining forces, and to achieve their prosperous future.