Personal Assessment

Our assessment approach is committed to our mission: Enabling people and institutions succeed in their meaningful purpose. 

We have experience assessing leaders at all levels of the corporate spectrum. Using a combination of psychometric testing and interviews, we highlight strengths, potential, and areas requiring further development. We use a combination of traditional evaluation methods, as well as proprietary assessment approaches designed to measure motive, motivation, and the ability to achieve results successfully with and through others.

Our Meaningful Purpose Profile (MPP) is designed to deepen self-awareness and to suggest ways to maximize potential, leverage strengths, and build new outlooks and capabilities. Our approach is particularly tailored to support career, selection and talent development efforts. In addition to aiding firms selecting and developing talent, we also serve individuals who wish to deepen self-insight and enrich their lives through a meaningful purpose.

What Makes the MPP distinct?

  • The person assessed is an active contributor to her or his personalized evaluation. The process is transparent, collaborative and insightful.
  • We balance inquiry exploring both competencies as well as what gives the individual meaning in life and at work.
  • We approach individuals as a whole person rather than just a person in a role. We avoid and discourage myopic approaches that dehumanize or pigeonhole people.
  • We even out our method with sound science, practical realities, and meaningful experience for all concerned.
  • In career and personnel selection matters, we provide insights on competence, potential, meaning, and motivational fit. We also offer developmental tips and services.
  • We collaborate with hiring professionals to design customized selection criteria and processes.
  • We evaluate the individual within her or his context. We help organizations discern if their context nurtures or hinders the development of the whole individual.