The Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose is the hub of meaningful purpose psychology or logoteleology research and development, and of Second Wave Organization Development or OD 2.0.

Our consulting approach is committed to our mission: Enabling people and institutions succeed in their meaningful purpose.

We consult to generate and sustain meaningful work cultures that follow a balanced and sensible approach to meet business, technical, product, and people goals. We are pragmatic and empathic listeners and experts who understand the daily and strategic realities and pressures of business and other professional entities. We also appreciate how dilemma and paradox can influence decision-making at critical points, and what could be at stake. That is why we help our clients take proactive steps building an important, congruent, and sustainable mission, culture, strategy, and leadership practices.

Our entire consulting process is inclusive and collaborative. The client ultimately makes decisions based on data and meaningful values. We study and analyze cultural DNAs, and partner to replace the meaningless with the meaningful, and the unproductive with the productive.  To give our clients a competitive edge, we use sound and common-sense methods from our book, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology. Our Organization Development and Meaningful Purpose work imbed honesty of intention, respect toward others’ individuality and potential, cooperation, altruism, responsibility and accountability, and embracing prosperity as a way of life.

We believe in a people-first approach were people development is and leads to business development.

What makes our Meaningful Purpose Psychology (Logoteleology) consulting experience unique?

  • Boston Institute for Meaning Purpose is the pioneer and hub of Organization Development 2.0.
  • Our meaningful purpose psychology approach and methods are proprietary, sound and practical
  • We have over thirty years of proven global Organization Development experience
  • We not only do Organization Development work, but we also teach and train others
  • We live our values. We care for people and do want our clients to succeed. While tools and methods are essential, we place a higher value on our noble purpose and deep commitment to building caring, drama-free, happy, intrinsically engaging, prosperous, and esteemed organizations.