Our development approach is multi-dimensional. Meaningful Purpose Psychology’s developmental method builds and aligns the culture, structure, teams, policies, and stakeholders in support of noble strategic  aims. We emphasize the importance of a people-first culture as a condition of organization adaptability, resilience, profit and overall long-term prosperity. People development is business development. We help organizations replace meaningless beliefs and practices that undermine potential and profit with science-based meaningful approaches.

We assist individuals with meaningful life and career purpose concerns, as well as an organization’s strategic talent development needs. Our developmental platform is captured in our book, The Path to a Meaningful Purpose: Psychological Foundations of Logoteleology. 

Our workshops and laboratories address real-life challenges and opportunities. Further, our experiential learning approach helps participants solve real-life problems, and meet their aspirations, and goals. We are unique and are committed to supporting individuals, teams and organizations practice meaningful purposes that lead to

  • financial prosperity, and a positive social legacy
  • an exciting and interesting life and work experience
  • meaningful relationships
  • a sense of continual growth and forward movement toward significant ends
  • alignment between what the stakeholders do, why and how to do it, and who they are

We give equal weight to competency and what is meaningful. Giving equal weight allows us to confidently offer options to build and develop lives and organizations that do the right things to achieve the correct results following a people-first win-win proposition. While we customize our development services to meet unique client needs and challenges, we also facilitate development through our Meaningful Purpose Learning Series.