Workshops & Labs

We customize learning and developmental experiences based on the needs and context of our clients. We also have standard workshops and laboratories designed to increase commitment and engagement for prosperous results. We encourage you to visit our site frequently since we periodically update our program offerings. Some of those standard learning experiences are described below. To learn about additional workshops and laboratories please contact us.

The Meaning of Life Laboratory

This 5-day residential learning experience is about helping you understand and determine the meaning and purpose of your life. The Meaning of Life Laboratory is a foundational learning experience to subsequent workshops and laboratories.

To deepen self-understanding, participants complement learning with independent and group work assignments. To help you develop an improvement plan with staying power, you and fellow participants are encouraged to discover why, despite solutions being available, the intractable problems individuals, groups, and organizations face continue to persist. Participants consider options to overcome this stubborn challenge, and to implement meaningful solutions. The Meaning of Life Laboratory (MLL) emphasizes the application of insight and learning to practical and real-life situations. Different to other methods, our learning approach focuses on the development of the whole person, not just training for competence.

During the learning laboratory, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Deepen your understanding of meaningful purpose psychology (logoteleology) theory and method
  • Explore the answers to existential questions, such as
    • Who am I?
    • What matters in life?
    • What is my life purpose?
    • How do I succeed in life?
    • Deepen your self-understanding – discover why do you act the way you do
    • Identify gateways and barriers to success — be it personal, interpersonal, or organizational.
    • Build a draft of your life’s purpose.
    • Plan to achieve your life purpose.

The Meaningful Purpose Leader: Building Meaningful Leadership Brands

This three-day learning laboratory will help you evaluate and strengthen your and others’ leadership brand.

Through this learning experience, you and fellow participants will assess the state of leadership, discern the causes for the current state, and build meaningful solutions. You will have the opportunity to collaborate with others to define meaningful purpose leadership and creating your own individualized meaningful leadership brand.

By the end of this program you will:

  • study leadership, power and influence theories, and dynamics, as well as their assumptions

  • contextualize and analyze leadership in the frame of meaningful purpose psychology (logoteleology) theory

  • build your own individual meaningful purpose leadership brand

  • practice leadership

  • plan implementation for back-home application

Diagnosing and Designing Organizations for Meaning and Purpose

This four-day laboratory trains change agents how to diagnose an organizations’ ability to engage and sustain meaningful high performance.

The learning experience leverages case-studies, organizational theory, work culture, meaningful purpose psychology, plus hands-on application. Learners apply themselves to develop a high performing and meaningful work culture. This hands-on approach complemented with a theoretical framework provides insight into the opportunities and challenges of building high performing organizations.

Specifically, during the program participants

  • explore the role and examples of various organizations in a capitalist society

  • Contrast the operating assumptions between traditional organizations and meaning-centered firms

  • build a meaningful purpose organizational identity

  • practice diagnosing, designing and implementing a meaningful purpose culture

  • plan implementation for back home application


  • Meaning of Life Laboratory

The Meaningful Purpose Human Resource Professional

The purpose of this laboratory is to infuse Human Resource professionals with more significant meaning, purpose, and abilities to tackle contemporary organizational challenges.

Given the competition for talent, as well as the global stubborn engagement crisis, strategic Human Resource (HR) practitioners are called to be at the forefront of emerging demand for meaningful work. But what does it mean to be a Human Resource Professional? Why are you in this function rather than pursuing another career path? What is your passion for the HR field, and how could you leverage that passion for making your organization more engaged and profitable? Finally, how influential is HR in your organization? Exploring the answers to those questions provides insight into challenges such as attracting, engaging and keeping talent. Moreover, with this new awareness, you will build your confidence and improve your ability to shape and influence direction.

This laboratory is customized for Human Resource professionals so that they may

  • review and appreciate the implications of current workforce trends

  • assess your current state and ability to address challenges

  • explore best practices and meaning-centered approaches to transform HR and to align services, policies, and practices

  • learn how to create and sustain meaningful purpose organizations

  • plan implementation for back-home application

Pre-requisites: Meaning of Life Laboratory

Logoteleology Coaching – 101

This foundational workshop is for individuals who wish to enhance their coaching leveraging logoteleology or meaningful purpose psychology. You will have the opportunity to review logoteleology theory and method, and to practice your new skills. Through this learning experience you will be able to

  • review and build on existing coaching approaches

  • learn and practice coaching using Boston Institute for Meaningful Purpose’s proprietary methods

  • use tools to make your and your coachee’s experience more effective, efficient, and experientially positive and meaningful

  • deepen your confidence in your coaching abilities

Pre-requisites: Meaning of Life Laboratory

The Meaningful Purpose Couple: The Love Lab

This three-day laboratory is designed for couples who wish to define, plan, build, commit, and sustain their meaningful purpose.

The Love Lab is particularly helpful for couples committed to elevating their relationship to a higher level of love and meaning. It is a hands-on learning experience where couples practice relationship building skills while in the laboratory. Leveraging concepts from meaningful purpose psychology and others sources, couples

  • learn or review the fundamental principles of logoteleology

  • explore how to define and apply meaningful purpose content to their relationship

  • deepen self-awareness, and discover strengths they can leverage to enrich their relationship

  • learn and practice interpersonal and problem-solving skills

  • jointly build and decide on a meaningful purpose for their relationship

  • plan for back-home application and sustainment

The Love Lab facilitator facilitates self-awareness, provides tools and methods for improvement, as well as for goal-setting. Facilitators do not provide marriage counseling services. Couples at risk or who are facing intractable problems should seek professional support.  The Love Lab is designed to solidify the foundation, meaning and purpose of the relationship, and to help the couple reach new heights.